About us

The National Industries Ceramics Co. is the first and only ceramic tile and porcelain manufacturer in Kuwait established in June 2011. The factory lies on a 64000 sqm area  divided on four production lines. The plant is located in Al-Shuaiba Industrial Area affiliated to Al-Ahmadi Governorate about 50 km South of Kuwait City. The factory is equipped with the latest technology used in ceramic manufacturing making sure our standards are up to par with international standards.


Upgrading Standards! We at National Industries produce tiles that are of the hightest quality and stands the test of time, owing to the latest technology that we have employed in our production facility. Automated machines, robotics and minimum human interference throughout the producton contribute to the quality of our products. Bolstered by Italian and Spanish ceramic specialised tech companies, out technology stays refurbished from time to time.


The advantage of the site of the factory that it is located close to the Saudi border and close to the Mina Abdullah Naval Port, which facilitates the export process. The GCC and the Middle East market are the most important target, where we have already begun to export to these countries. In addition, we are expecting to export our products to more markets in the near future.