Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Sales (For Customer)

  • The goods included in the Invoice must be withdrawn within a maximum period of (7 days) from the date of the invoice. In the event that the goods cannot be delivered during this period for reasons attributed to the customer, the company has the right to cancel the invoice and cancel the reservation of the goods without referring to the buyer.
  • The right of complaint and objection is guaranteed and acceptable to all customers, but provided that before the installation of the goods, after the installation, no objection to the product is accepted in terms of uniformity of colors and sizes or any other technical specifications, installation is equivalent to accepting the goods in their condition


# Ceramic Industries Company provides free delivery service to customers in the following cases:

  1. Delivery of all orders is free of charge and is within (3 working days) from the date of the invoice as a maximum and up to (5 days) for remote areas (Kabad, Al Jawakhir, Abdali, Al-Subiya) and the areas close to them and the border areas, and we are making every effort to deliver in the shortest period possible.
  •  We also provide an urgent delivery service within (24 hours) so that urgent delivery expenses (15 KD) are added to the request, provided that the invoice amount does not exceed one car load (the drive).
  • The materials are lowered at the entrance to the building or the nearest place the car reaches, at the ground level and not in any upper floor or basement, or the goods are unloaded from behind the walls or unloaded in shaded car parks.
  • In the event that the customer or his representative is not present at the site at the specified delivery time or refuses to receive the materials for any reason, the delivery schedule will be rescheduled within (5 working days) with the customer being charged the costs of re-delivery, and in the event of repeated non-delivery, the reservation of materials will be canceled.


# The customer has the right to replace the sold goods as follows:

  • Free replacement and retrieval within (14 days) from the date of the invoice, and returned transportation expenses of (10 K.D) for one car load are deducted.
  • Replacement and refund for a period of (3 months) from the date of the invoice. Return transportation expenses are deducted (KD 10) as one car load, in addition to a deduction of (15%) from the value of the returned as administrative expenses.

# Due to technical reasons, we apologize for replacing and returning the following goods:

  • Ceramic installation materials (sherbet - adhesive (
  • Defective and damaged cartons.
  • Special orders and imported items based on a special request from the customer.

# When speaking with one of the customer service officials and informing them of the existence of a return, please make sure that the place and the goods are in their condition in carton and arranged on the wooden pallet so that we can receive the return and lift it on the car, where the site is not ready or the goods are ready, the customer will bear the cost of transporting returned in the first time and that It will also be repeated the second time, and we will also apologize for transferring the return in case the matter is repeated.

# In the case of returning purchases without replacing them with other items of the same value or higher, the price difference is returned to the customer in the same method of payment and for the same account number, whether it is K-net or a credit card.